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Acceptable Use Policy

Web-Hosting, E-mail and Web-Design services, hereafter referred to as "our services", are provided by LLC, 1103 South Hanover Street, Nanticoke, Pennsylvania 18634-3417

Our mission is to provide quality services at low prices to each and every client we serve. In order to ensure that this objective is met, we cannot allow transmission, storage or presentation of any specific information, data or material, herein known as content, that would jeopardize the legal status or efficient operation of our services. Therefore, LLC sets out the following Acceptable Use Policy:

1. Prohibited Content:
2. Prohibited is the Use of our Servers to Archive, Transfer, or Host the following:
3. The following Activities or Uses are also Prohibited:

If you violate this Acceptable Use Policy, LLC will assist and cooperate with law enforcement agencies and government authorities in providing information about you, your site, the prohibited content or actions, and information regarding anyone that may have inappropriately accessed said prohibited content.

We reserve the right to refuse, cancel or suspend service at our sole discretion. Failure to follow the guidelines set forth in this Acceptible Use Policy will be grounds for immediate account deactivation. Failure to remove or amend content or links to content that violate the guidelines set forth in this Acceptible Use Policy will be grounds for account termination. Refunds will be issued in accordance with our refund policy as set forth in our Puchasers Terms of Service Agreement, less any costs associated with responding to and addressing issues created by your prohibited content and/or actions. LLC will be the sole arbiter in determining violations of this Acceptible Use Policy.

Changes to our Accectable Use Policy will be made as we deem necessary and without prior notice, so you should review this Acceptable Use Policy often.

Last Updated: April 27th, 2003 at 00:03 EDT. LLC
1103 South Hanover Street
Nanticoke, Pennsylvania 18634-3417

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